OMK’s 1st Symposium Highlights Wounded Warrior Kids

June 19, 2017

By Judy McSpadden   We’re reticent to look through people’s windows. We might see something we don’t want to see, something that disrupts our equilibrium. When a child is involved,…
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Wounded warrior kids shoot for the summit

June 5, 2017

By Judy McSpadden Let’s play “Guess this Sport.” This sport was started by men in the late 1800s. It involves teamwork. It requires running, muscle strength, and flexibility. It requires…
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Symposium highlights children of wounded warriors

June 5, 2017

McLean, VA -- Our Military Kids will host its first-ever symposium highlighting children of wounded warriors, June 6, in Washington DC. “It’s a gathering whose time has come,” said Linda…
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Coast Guard kid navigates new summer experience

May 17, 2017

Aahh, summer camp…swinging from a vine, hiking through pine-scented woods, singing around a crackling campfire. It’s no wonder that each year, more than 11 million American kids and adults attend…
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Brunner Boys Grow from Military Kids to Military Cadets

May 1, 2017

  By Judy McSpadden Who would have thought that an after-school martial arts program would be the key factor in one student’s acceptance at West Point? Ryan Brunner had wanted…
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OMK star shows his stuff at “Salute to our Stars” benefit

April 25, 2017

One of the highlights of the recent benefit dinner hosted by Our Military Kids was the martial arts performance by OMK Star, Lusious Jayne, age 10. Weeks before the event,…
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OMK helps dancer follow her passion

April 7, 2017

By Judy McSpadden Many children use their grants from Our Military Kids to try something new. Alex, for example, is an OMK grant recipient, who began fencing to feel closer…
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New employees want good pay and CSR

April 3, 2017

By Judy McSpadden Millennials – now there’s a term batted around quite a bit these days. Also called “Gen Y” or “Gen Next,” they're the first generation of digital natives…
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Former OMK Kid of the Year takes aim at sports TV

March 30, 2017

By Judy McSpadden Seven years ago, John Stefan Jenkins was one of the first Our Military Kids grant recipients to receive the title, “Our Military Kid of the Year.” At…
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OMK Highlights 2 of 11 Siblings

March 13, 2017

By Judy McSpadden We often read stories about people from different walks of life doing good works for others:  A soldier sacrifices for his country in a hazardous place. A…
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