Team Terminator

January 7, 2016

Robotics is a growing interest of today’s kids. The idea that one can create an object to move and function like a human is fascinating. Daniel is one of the many people today fascinated with Robotics. Daniel is 10 years old and started enjoying Robotics during his 2015 summer camp. Now he competes at Robotics competitions in Texas. Daniel’s dad was injured in Afghanistan in 2010 when his Army National Guard unit was called up. Our grant not only helped connect Daniel to Robotics, it also helped connect his younger sister, Morgan to dance. Morgan is 8 years old and enjoys learning dance at her school. She started when she was 3. “For Morgan, when her dad was injured, it was a tough time. Having a dance class to look forward to and to have special time was very important,” reflected her mother, Tiffany. The grants helped the kids during a stressful time, and the award packet was another enjoyment for the kids. “The packet that the kids receive has been a big (morale) boost as well,” explained Tiffany. The award packets are Top-Secret and include goodies for kids to show support of their military parent. The packets also honor them for serving next to their mom or dad.   Robotics1 Robotics2Robotics