Being a Military Kid

April 20, 2015

  My Father has been in the military for all my life. Being a military kid I have moved around but I was a bit luckier than some others. I didn’t move as often and I have a big family. For some people I knew that wasn’t the case and they struggled with the changes that they had to make. We didn’t sign up for this life and make no mistake it is hard. We say goodbye to our Mothers, Fathers or for some it’s both, and there’s always that looming chance that they may be the one never coming home. That is an all-consuming stress that weighs on everyone. We didn’t choose this life for ourselves but it can be as rewarding as it is completely strenuous emotionally. Personally I haven’t been stationed overseas but my Mother was an Air Force kid and she got to travel with her family across the world. I’ve met so many others as well and they adored their time overseas. Even being stationed in places here in the U.S. can be an amazing experience. There are so many awesome sites free to the public in this country in every state. But no matter how exciting the new place is we all get caught up in what we leave behind every time we move. Some places might be better than others but everywhere we stop we’re making a home and building a life together. And like in every aspect of life there are people who we like and who like us that don’t know what it’s like to be in a military family. Saying goodbye is always hard but saying goodbye to those people are always the hardest. With other military kids there’s always the chance you’ll meet again at another base. Our goodbyes don’t need to be permanent and if anyone knows how best to keep in touch its a military kid. For us our families are the most important part of our lives. Our siblings and our parents are our constants. The people, the background, the climates, the houses all change and for some it can be as often as they go school shopping. Living in it can be crazy and for majority of military families they know just how busy it can be. We didn’t choose our parents and we definitely didn’t choose their jobs but we love them anyway. With every goodbye we send a prayer that they come home safe and intact because we know that while my Dad may make it home someone else in his platoon may not. This life is a roller coaster ride for sure but we live it daily and we make the best of everything coming our way.   -LeAnna