Our Military Kids Team Up with Kids In Touch to Keep Families Connected

March 31, 2015

For April, the Month of the Military Child, Kids in Touch and Our Military Kids have partnered to give military families free life-time subscriptions of the mobile app – Kids in Touch. Kids in Touch is a fun, innovative way to keep families connected during deployments. It’s a safe place for military kids to send pictures and text messages and keep the service member involved in their lives. For the nuclear family, Kids in Touch will be free with proof of military service. For the rest of the family, the price is $1.99 for a lifetime subscription. For three months, starting in April 2015, Kids in Touch will donate 50% of all app revenue to Our Military Kids. According to Kids in Touch: “Staying in touch is even harder for service members with young children. Since little kids are generally shy about using the phone, a deployed military member really has trouble maintaining a strong relationship with their kids. I’ve seen many parents leave as their child’s best bud and then come back as a complete stranger. It can take weeks or months for you to ‘catch up’ and be back to normal.” Our Military Kids could not agree more. Kids want to be in touch with their parents while facing this difficult time, but some kids are too shy to do it over the phone. About Kids in Touch Kids in Touch – Training Wheels for Texting – is a way for kids to keep in touch with their friends and family while giving their parents the tools necessary to protect and teach them appropriate online behavior. For more information, visit KidsInTouch.com