It’s Easier Said than Done

April 23, 2015

Everyone wants to know “how do you do it?” Honestly, it is easier said than done. From the day you know orders will be coming out you have endless conversations about what you’d like and what is in the best interest of your family. The orders are in, plans are being made, and the message is being sent out. Well that is the PCS life of adults but what about the kids? I had the pleasure of getting the scoop from an insider and according to him it looks something like this:   I’ve lived here my whole life and have had the same friends since diapers, or at least that is what our Mothers say. There is nothing like getting the news we are moving and “going to make new friends” along the way. At first I’m just super sad because I’m doing good in school, have awesome friends, and even like this girl but then I remember that if I’m sad it makes it harder on my parents. I start letting my friends know I’m going to be leaving and try to spend as much time as possible with them. We take tons of pictures for no reason and come up with as many ways to keep in touch that will actually work because we all know no one writes a letter anymore unless someone is deployed or in jail. Packing seems like a forever process but the day the movers come they make it seem like my whole world is nothing because it’s on a truck and heading away before I can wrap my head around it. My parents sign all kinds of papers and fuss about getting money back as I cry a little wishing to get my memories back, but I suck it up and keep it moving because this is what we do. In the car, to the airport, no the plane, and wha-la here we are! So yeah I left the ocean, sun, friends, and fun for cold and snow?! All I want to do is get to the hotel but we’ve got places to look at. Okay, this one is nice. The views may not be what I’m used to but it’s big and I can deal with big. After 4 days in a hotel we move into the big beauty but there is no stuff. Mom takes me to sign up for school, but there is no stuff.   Shopping! Just a few things is what they told me but hey we have no stuff so I need to get enough to last me for school until the truck shows up not to mention the weather is very different. I love new clothes!!!! School starts for me on Monday and I’m a nervous wreck but I put on my excited face as Mom reminds me how wonderful I am and how everyone will love me. I go to school and no one loves me and I don’t feel wonderful… About a week goes by before I have interest peaked and people who greet me regularly. There’s a birthday party coming up, wonder if I’ll be invited. Guess what? After school her Mom is talking to my Mom, fingers crossed. POW I got an invite!!!!   The party was cool, can’t go wrong with Skyzone! I feel like I’ve made friends; I Skype my friends back home and let them know how it’s going, they miss me and I miss them. Time fades and so do most of them. I’ve learned that not every relationship will last forever no matter how bad I want them to but the ones that do are the ones that really matter. Life at 8 years old looked very differently than life does at 17. I’m proud of the life my Father led serving his country but even prouder of the young man it shaped me to be. I value time, events, and people in a way most people don’t. I understand hurt, loss, and empathy in a way most people won’t. Who knew that the little boy who cried in private would one day use his tears to ease someone else’s? Certainly not me. I was nervous when HonestlyGina asked me to tell her what makes the military child special because I didn’t know what to say but the questions she asked were so easy like they were tailor made for me. My favorite part was the look on her face when she was all done as she said, “thank you, I never looked at it that way.” I mean when I was growing up schools didn’t set aside a day to “honor the military child” but now they even wear purple and some schools even give them certificates of appreciation, we’ve come a long way. I am a proud military child and I hope you are too because you may not know it today but your parents greatest fear is that their actions will have a negative impact on you! Your success is the goal of everything your parents do so remember to put your best foot forward and know that one day you will end up exactly where you need to be.   -HonestlyGina