November Snapshot

December 8, 2015

In this season of thanksgiving, we would like to take a moment to share our gratitude for the many gifts we have received this month and throughout the year. We continue to benefit from the generosity of our donors who can choose to give their money to countless organizations but who continue to choose us. Thanks to these donors, we were able to give out almost $124,000 this month to 291 children across 44 states and Puerto Rico. So far this year we have given out 3,297 grants, which puts us on pace to give out even more grants than we did last year. We would like to recognize AT&T and Lockheed Martin who provided extra funding for STEM grants. AT&T pioneered this program back in July.  The children were so excited at this opportunity that, for the first time ever, STEM activities were the month’s most popular activity. These activities give children the opportunity to explore the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math through programs like robotics, computer programming, Lego camps and space camps. The hope is to introduce and support children’s interest in these areas with the potential for them to pursue these fields in higher education and eventually in their careers. In addition to the 56 STEM grants we distributed, the most popular activities in November were dance, martial arts and gymnastics. As the winter approaches, we are receiving more and more applications for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and hockey. We are especially thankful for the kids and families of Our Military Kids. It is our great joy to recognize these families for all that they do. Our sincerest gratitude to the entire Our Military Kids family- the staff, volunteers, donors, kids and families.