Our Military Kid of the Month: May 2015

May 7, 2015

Indie is 8 years old, an honor student, big brother and soon to be a martial arts black belt- all before the age of 9.   Indie Suarez   “The grant has indeed made a very positive impact on Indie’s life and that of his family. Martial Arts has become a very motivational foundation for Indie’s development as a young man, as well as an example of dedication and discipline to his younger sisters. Over the years, Indie’s parents have watched martial arts nurture a calmness in Indie which has touched many in his life: from his instructors, teachers, church, friends and family. The practice of setting goals and working long-term to achieve them is a very concept that every parent strives to instill in their children, and martial arts has given Indie that in a very tangible way. His journey over the last four years is nearing its culmination. His goal of achieving his black belt is soon to be realized and Indie’s grant during his dad’s deployment allowed it to continued unimpeded.”