Survey Results

Every year, Our Military Kids administers surveys to the families of children who received grants during the previous year. The most recent round of surveys was conducted in October 2018. The purpose of the surveys is to assess two things:


1) The psychological impact of a parent’s deployment or severe injury on his or her child(ren)

2) The effectiveness of the Our Military Kids grant programs in alleviating this stress and anxiety


The high survey response rate provides a representative sample to assess the effectiveness of Our Military Kids programs. The results from this year are consistent with the results from years past. Highlights include the following:

73% saw an improvement in the child’s academic performance

95% saw a decrease in the child’s stress and anxiety

96% of families saw improvement in the entire family’s well-being

94% of service members and/or veterans saw an improvement in their morale/recovery

100% of families would recommend Our Military Kids to others

Our Military Kids has never turned away an eligible family.

Read the full 2018 survey report for the deployed program.

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Read the full 2018 survey report for the severely injured program.

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