The Pure Challenge – Week 1

May 4, 2015

This week is Week 1 of Pure Barre McLean’s Weekly Mini Goals May Series! Week 1: May 3rd – May 9th Nutrition Goal: Drink more water and say ‘no’ to liquid calories Fitness Goal: Workout 7 days this week (even if it is just for 20 minutes!)   Why drink more water? Your body needs more water than you think and mild dehydration can result in low energy, headaches, brain fog and even overeating. Drinking plenty of water, especially after working out, will keep your body fueled and prevent thirst from tricking your body into feeling hungry.   Consuming liquid calories can lead to weight gain and rapid blood sugar spikes. This week, avoid caloric beverages and swap them for soda water, herbal tea, coffee, and even fruit flavored water like the recipe below, try to get at least a gallon every day for adequate hydration. Recipe: Raspberry Lemon Spritzer.   Why workout every day? Not only does exercise improves body function for every day making you healthier and stronger, but is a great stress reliever and confidence booster! Putting a little time aside for yourself each day will benefit all aspects of your life. We obviously love classes at Pure Barre McLean and recommend those, but if you can’t make it to class all week – try to squeeze in a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood – every little bit counts!   -Kalen Winter Pure Barre McLean, Co-Owner