Military Dandelion

April 9, 2015

  I put down my roots almost anywhere And its almost impossible to destroy me. I am good looking A survivor in a broad range of climates. My roots are very strong. I was born deeply into the culture of the Army. I was planted carefully and ready to fly in the breezes that take me to new places, friends and adventures. I soon bloom anywhere the wind carries me. I am completely culturally aware, well rounded, and tolerant. I have learned from an early age that my home is where my heart is and always will be. Good friends can be found in every country, place, and corner of the world. I have learned that to survive means to adapt. For every door and window that closes, there is a new chapter that opens and I am always ready to explore. New and exciting friends, places, and adventures await me. I am………A Military Dandelion!!!   A’mani Simmons (Army baby since birth)