OMK star shows his stuff at “Salute to our Stars” benefit

April 25, 2017

One of the highlights of the recent benefit dinner hosted by Our Military Kids was the martial arts performance by OMK Star, Lusious Jayne, age 10.

Weeks before the event, Lusious captured the attention of the OMK staff when his dad, Petty Officer  Junior Cho, wrote a letter explaining how the OMK grant had helped his son overcome bullying.

“I was recently deployed,” Petty Officer Cho said at the benefit, “And let me tell you, it’s tough to be miles away when things aren’t going well at home.”

Petty Officer Cho said his wife had phoned him to say Lusious was being bullied by kids three years older than he. When his wife, who was eight months pregnant at the time, tried to have a conversation with one of the older boys, he led her through the neighborhood on a wild goose chase.

“My wife and I had initially thought about using the OMK grant to enroll Lusious in soccer,” Petty Officer Cho said, “but after that incident, we put him into martial arts, and we’re glad we did.”

At the benefit, Petty Officer Cho introduced his son, then proceeded to call out commands for Lusious to follow. The climax of the routine was when Petty Officer Cho held out a board for Lusious to break with his foot. Next up was retired Air Force Gen. Craig McKinley, former Chief of the National Guard. He too held up a board for Lusious to break.

The crowd loved it, not only because of the fun being had on stage, but because of the fact a young boy facing challenges had been empowered by donors making a difference.

General Craig McKinley holds the board for Luscious to break.